Just A Girl

Mar 5

One Minute Makeup

You wake up and look at the clock and….UH OH. You’re up late. Like you need to go NOW. You cannot leave the house without makeup on for whatever reason (personal or professional). What do you do?! For me…

-Face wipe/moisturize

-BB Cream



-inner corner highlight


*I do my mascara at work. I throw it in my purse, then when I get to work go to the restroom and put it on. This can also be done in the car (at red stop lights only, but even this can be dangerous, so just take it with you and do at your destination)

Today I didn’t wake up late, but I had to clean the kitchen because my roommates left it disgusting, and I was not leaving the house with it in that state. My entire “beauty routine” took 3 minutes. Took hair out of curlers, pulled half back, put in headband, did above makeup and out the door I went!

Also, if this is emergency speed needed…grab bb cream and mascara and do it in the car/destination. Those really are the only two things you need. Just don’t expect to have that flawless face all day.

Hope you lovelies aren’t running too late;]